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The Jester and The Jackass

Posted on by Paul Roth

[TRIGGER WARNING: rape] Court jesters were often the only members of a royal court who could verbally attack the wearers of the crown and live to see another dawn. Continue reading

The Humanity of Puppetry; on “Being Elmo”

Posted on by Paul Roth

I got to see this wonderful documentary at Silver Docs this morning. It’s only about Elmo in small part, and if you’re one of the many adults who finds him annoying, that shouldn’t stop you from seeing this film. It seems silly to suggest I’m about to spoil a documentary, but I suppose I should be considerate and say SPOILERS. Continue reading

Yes, Virginia, There Is A Santa Paul

Posted on by Paul Roth

Is There A Santa Claus? We take pleasure in answering since it wasn’t tl;dr, the formspring submission below, expressing at the same time our great gratification that its faithful author … Continue reading

Traveblogue: ULHS 2008, followed by the final day

Posted on by Paul Roth

Today is Sunday, the last official day of Showdown.  I’ve got to try to get myself going so that I don’t miss any of the competitions this afternoon: Teams and … Continue reading

Traveblogue: ULHS 2008, then comes the third

Posted on by Paul Roth

Today, I woke up around 10:30am, local time, and felt a compulsion to go to Target.  It is the land of Target, after all.  Actually, I went to get some … Continue reading

Traveblogue: ULHS 2008, the second part

Posted on by Paul Roth

It was very sad getting up and out the door this morning without spending time with Dru (my dog) first, but I’m sure she’s happy at the Preston Country Club … Continue reading

Traveblogue: ULHS 2008, being the first part

Posted on by Paul Roth

I don’t remember exactly when I started swing dancing.  I think it was around this time of year in 1998.  That would make around this time of 2008 the point … Continue reading

Christmas Journal – Tears of Christmas Joy

Posted on by Paul Roth

There are some great Christmas movies and TV specials out there. I love watching them. As in all things, most Christmas shows are horrible; that shouldn’t keep you from loving … Continue reading

Christmas Journal – Christmas remixed.

Posted on by Paul Roth

Any holiday celebration lasts from year to year by the momentum of tradition. It’s easy enough to avoid questioning the whys and wherefores of traveling to a particular relative every … Continue reading

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