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“Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans,” said John Lennon in his song Beautiful Boy (Darling Boy). Of course, the month that I decide to write a blog post every day would turn out to be the month I experience the most disasters at my home. It would be the month when a derecho storm system knocks out my power for a week, and then a subsequent severe storm causes my apartment to be flooded, which in turn requires me to pack up all my stuff so that the carpeting and subflooring can be replaced.

I got distracted.

Since I kept working my day job, I just didn’t have additional energy to write blog posts as well. I seem to need a bit of calm to be able to do something productive, be that earning a paycheck or joining some words. If my income came from words, would I have kept writing through the tumult? I think so! I certainly wanted to!

That’s why my July-Post-A-Day suddenly came to a halt. Perhaps you saw that my last post was To Court, To Date, To Makeout, about my approach to dating. Coincidentally, in July and then August, I went from my usual dating frequency of 1 date every few months to a possibly unprecedented rate of three dates every couple weeks. So even when disasters stopped intruding on my life, I still ended up distracted!

Not that I’m complaining. There were some good dates; I tweeted about at least one of them!


There were some highlights and lowlights, many rejections, and ultimately an end to the dates. I’m a little burnt out, frankly.

There’ve also been the RNC and DNC, I gave some dating, relationship, and general advice to different friends, a tree crushed my car, they finally announced the iPhone 5, and Glee started a new season. I know, I know, it sounds like I’ve glossed over something horrible–but I stopped watching Glee, so it’s okay. Because of all of the stuff that I’ve experienced over the summer, my introvert spirit is worn out. Early this week, I decided I was going to go into hermit-mode for a while.

But the @GammaGirlsDC had their One Year Anniversary party on Wednesday. They publish the Doing The District blog and have always been very kind and supportive of me. I HAD to go to their party. It was fun! Their SWAG bags were impressive and I wasn’t even their target demographic.

For that matter, I’m not really the right audience for their blog since it’s often about places to drink (I don’t), shopping for women’s clothes (I don’t), or other topics that aren’t in my wheelhouse (I like the word wheelhouse). But they also review restaurants and give tips on where to go in pursuit of various goals and I often dig those posts. If you’re in the DC area, give their blog a look!

Speaking of Doing the District, one of its founders told me that some advice I gave her was good enough to warrant my doing an advice column for women. That’s pretty ambitious and I don’t know if I could advise random readers as well as I do my friends, but at least I know I’m not judgmental about lifestyles and questionable choices. That’s gotta be at least 50% of the prerequisite for answering requests for help, right?

I’ll ease into it here. If you have any question (big or small) that you’d like me to answer sincerely and you’d be willing to let me publish online, submit it on my Contact Page. I’ll post it anonymously, of course!

Anyway, no more socializing for this anti-social moth. Oh, except I plan to go to SPX on Saturday, if I can screw my courage to the sticking place. Dammit. Okay, after THAT, no more socializing. I need to recharge. And if I don’t go out so often, maybe I’ll post more on my blog!

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