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Today is a day in January of 2008 and I am full of opinions. It’s a good year for opinions, what with the Presidential Election of the United States of America coming down the line. I’m planning on rocking the vote, like many in my generation of US citizens, so that goal should provide me with numerous occasions to rant about how Everyone’s Wrong But Me. Coincidentally, that’s an excellent song by Ella Fitzgerald in her early days. See? There’s an opinion already. I can’t stop myself.

I’m also planning to write thousands, perhaps millions, of words this year. In part, I’ll be writing to communicate my opinions to intrepid explorers of the blogosphere. In another part, I’ll be attempting to earn some money from the world wide web (does anyone remember that phrase?) with a link-loaded review site called LibertarianStyle. And in yet another part, a more private part for now, I’ll be working on several book ideas I’ve had.

At the end of last year, I gave myself the project of writing a blog entry every day in December until Christmas. Somewhat to my amazement, I accomplished that goal! Some day’s entries were better than others, sometimes I had to really work to type out an article, but overall I feel pride in my results. The project’s purpose had been to rekindle the flames of my Christmas spirit (done) but an incidental result was my reawakened realization that I enjoy the written word.

Words are important. The building blocks of communication appeal to me to a degree that few material goods do. I like the shades of different meanings that distinguish synonyms. I revel in the structure and sounds of syllables strung together. I never fail to be amazed that these letters can carry meaning from one person’s mind to another’s. And each word has its own purpose.

It angers me when some abuser of language misstates an idea and dismisses his own failure with the excuse that “you know what I mean”. I have been naive on many topics in the past and I’ve hoped for forgiveness on those occasions, so to avoid hypocrisy I consider that I should be more understanding. But at least I try to learn the truth on matters and refrain from using ignorance and approximations as excuses for inaccuracy.

I fear that allowing the decomposition of the English language will contribute to increased stupidity in its speakers. The ability to differentiate between slightly dissimilar situations is what allows us to make advances in technology, psychology, art, and any other area of study. Any speaker who routinely declares that his own flawed statement is “close enough” simultaneously declares that he is not as skilled a thinker as a speaker who is precise.

I hope to dash off my thoughts in these blogs quickly, but without sacrificing the integrity of the right word. As a good comedian should never need explain his jokes, so should a good writer never need explain his choice of words. The reader should be able to derive both the meanings and implications of the choices to the best of his ability as a reader. Just this once, though, I’ll explain my reasoning to start this blog down a path of clarity by showing what I mean by the right word.

The title of this entry is one I composed carefully. Rather than calling directly upon god for damnation, or condemning an unspecified it, I direct the reader to damn me. The direction is a sarcastic one as I don’t really expect or desire a condemnation, but perhaps a humorous effect can result from implying a damning for appreciating writing. Love is a strong verb, but I am trying to convey the strength of my affection, so that’s correct. No, I don’t plan on marrying writing, ha ha. And the word writing itself can mean the composition of the written word, the act of writing, the results of writing, and even things that others wrote. Well, I do really like all those aspects of the word, so that conjugation was chosen on purpose, too.

That was a little boring, so I won’t do that again, but hopefully you’ve gotten a look at how my slightly compulsive mind works. I do plan to write many other things. Come on along. Share the love.

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