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As I begin to write this entry, yesterday was Day 2, a regular food day, but I hadn’t felt like eating much.  I mean, I didn’t try to restrict myself from eating but I ended up just having two meals all day: breakfast burrito then chinese mixed vegetables with rice (1 serving) and I finished off the breakfast burrito at the second meal that I hadn’t felt like having during the first.  I definitely had stomach problems, but I’m not sure if it was because this was a day after I had fasted or because I ate breakfast burritos.

I’m already looking down the road at the rest of this week.  Today is a fasting day and I’ll be in the office where there are often reasons to eat badly.  I’m armed with my coconut waters and some airborne!  Tomorrow is a regular day when I hope to make it to Jam Cellar.  Wednesday is a fast day, but I get to work from home.  Thursday is a regular day and I take Dru to Preston Country Club for Pets in preparation for my ULHS trip.  Friday is a fast day and is the day when I’m traveling to Ultimate Lindy Hop Showdown on a near red-eye early flight.  That might be a good thing since I never eat very well when I’m flying.  Saturday is a regular day at ULHS.  Sunday is a fast day at ULHS and I might end up breaking the rhythm if I’m feeling underpowered.  Monday is a regular day and I’ll be flying back; so much for eating healthy.  Etc.

I’ve got a lot of unnecessary substance so I might imagine that I could do just fine with fasting even on exercise-heavy days.  We’ll see.

Today I weighed in at 192.6 lbs.  I ingested:

1 dose of Ultra InflamActin = 50 cal

1 can of sweetened Coconut Water (Grace) = 195 cal

4 sticks of Orbit gum = ~10cal?

1 can of Coconut Water = 160 cal

1 can of Coconut Water = 160 cal

1 cup of ginger peach tea = ~5 cal

lotsa water

Total: 580 cal

The next day was a regular day that began at 190.2 lbs.  I ate plenty of protein in hopes of getting some good dancing in, but failed to get to Jam Cellar until late.

Then was a fasting day that began at 192.3 lbs.  I had less than 500 calories.

I don’t think I need to make an entry for every day, but I think I can state that I should be able to do this for a while.  I notoriously eat junk food when I get sick so I hope to avoid that during this experiment.  I’ll check in again when I have something significant to report.

I will say this: I am now able to do twice the chinups that I once could.  Two.  But they’re getting easier and I sense three is just around the corner.

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