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I did a quick survey of my facebook friends’ statuses.  I may have miscounted and I expect to see changes through the day, but certainly the gist is this:

193 names and messages don’t reflect their votes.
37 names and/or messages indicate a vote for Obama.
2 names and/or messages indicate a vote for McCain.
1 great message indicated a dissatisfaction with both.

I know for a fact that several of the 193 are anti-Obama.  Several of them are pro-Obama.  Several of them are voting for a different candidate like I did.

Here’s the lesson I’ve learned from this quick survey: people who are not Obama supporters are reluctant to broadcast it.  I, myself, have an instinctive fear of getting lynched anytime I attend a Boilermakers dance if I don’t laugh at their decidedly liberal jokes.  Hey, sometimes they’re funny but sometimes they’re not.

Everybody I know on either side seems to be willing at least to imply that everyone can vote for whomever they like, but their actions speak louder than their words.  I feel persecuted by Obama supporters because I choose to have different opinion.  I don’t think there are any people on my “Friends” list who consciously think, “Oh that stupid Paul, he can’t make the right decisions for himself so I should overwhelm him with my political beliefs.”  I do suspect that many of my friends have difficulty accepting that anyone could have a different opinion from themselves about how the United States of America should be led.

Guess what?  I do.

If you are one of the 193 people I listed above who espoused voting without pushing your agenda, I applaud you.  If you are an Obama voter or a McCain voter, I will happily grant you the benefit of the doubt that you researched your candidate’s campaign platform, compared and contrasted with the other four listed parties, and came to your decision responsibly, and thus I applaud you as well.

I am proud to count myself a citizen of a country where we actually can choose our own leader.  I am happy to have the ability to think in the manner that I find most logical and satisfying, and to live in a land where that ability is granted the power to decide a future for myself and all the people I care about.  I wish I had heard more than two party nominees’ names rolling off everyone’s tongues.  But none of my sadness changes the fact that I was proud to cast my vote as a US citizen today.

And in case you’re curious, after much internet research and some debates with some friends, I voted for the Libertaran candidate: Bob Barr.


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