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Words are important.  I still think that numbers are the vocabulary and mathematics the language of the universe, but that metaphor shows just how essential words themselves are.  Words are what we use to change the world, more than muscle and more than science.  In fact, I think that the notion of magic came about because some people were able to use words in unique ways that frightened and amazed others around them.  The ability to manipulate words so that disparate ideas can be joined together in unexpected ways is beyond many and certainly strikes me as magical.

I am proud of my ability to make letters dance across a page to a tune of my own devising.  I am not the greatest author the world has ever known, but I think I am no simple scribbler of pedantry either.  I write sentences that make me smile and I try to convey concepts in interesting layers of colorful hyperbole.  Sometimes, I can surprise myself by the structure and eloquence that I manage to capture in fleeting phrases.

In 2008, Aba invited me on a quest to write fifty-thousand words in a month.  I worked hard to accomplish that goal and in looking over my achievement, I think it was good and feel pride in my production.  That story is not yet finished, but I intend to tackle the challenge again come this year’s November.

Thus, I resolve to finish my book from last year’s National Novel Writing Month before the next begins.  I shall also continue to write whatever I can, whenever I can, in the form of these blogs and perhaps in other endeavors.  I have found that I can write poetry, though it is juvenile and amateurish.  I have found that I can editorialize and spin fictions.  I have found again and again that I feel great joy when my words come together and stand before me in thoughtfully organized dispositions which effectively convey my ideas.  I have been happy to discover that once I record an idea for posterity, more ideas stand up to be recognized and captured.

I will write more in 2009 than any previous year because I love words.

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A vegetarian, agnostic, lindy-hopping, dog-loving tv-watcher who likes to read his own words.
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