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  • • Anyway, try to avoid ad hominem attacks as you fight the fascist regime and/or nazi Marvel comics, please. I’m sore now, so good night! - 04/24/17, 01:37 am
  • • I’ve come to think that insulting people for their alleged low intellect is ableist and unhelpful. But "nincompoop" was a fun word. - 04/24/17, 01:36 am


Who is this alleged thinker?

A vegetarian, agnostic, lindy-hopping, dog-loving tv-watcher who likes to read his own words. This Paul from DC really liked the idea of Paladins when he was a youth. When first introduced to the internet in his teens, the idea to combine their label with his own name for a username occurred to him and has stuck ever since.

It’s best to contact him via his twitter or his facebook page.

He looks kinda like this (the guy on the right):

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