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Santa Paul Doesn’t Love Christmas

Posted on by Paul Roth

At my Christmas Movies party tonight, my friend Katie M said, “You love Christmas!” My tired, off-the-cuff reply probably sounded like gibberish. So I thought I’d try again with the … Continue reading

Not Without My Dog! – The DC Derecho Story

Posted on by Paul Roth

I don’t believe in karma so I’m sure it’s unrelated that the first night in forever when I went out to two parties was the night a devastating series of … Continue reading

Christmas Journal – It’s not easy being red and green

Posted on by Paul Roth

It was a rough day. I’m now about half of the way through my project of writing a Christmas blog every day and I’ve had some fun doing it. I … Continue reading

Christmas Journal – Making a list, checking it online

Posted on by Paul Roth

My list isn’t for naughty or nice, it’s more like a ranked friends list. This sounds familiar. I’ve got my top tier of friends, the ones always visible on my … Continue reading

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