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  • • "Maybe I can get up early and be productive before work?!" Thus proving my hope never dies. Good night! - 09/25/17, 01:09 am
  • • Darn it. I was really hoping to be productive tonight after my paid photoshop gig but all i did was watch TV. :( - 09/25/17, 01:09 am

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The evil of Sloth

Posted on by Paul Roth

The Roman Catholic Church has recognized some version of an enumerated list of mortal sins since at least the late 4th century when Evagrius Ponticus refined and taught a list … Continue reading

Christmas Journal – Miracle on Your Street

Posted on by Paul Roth

Surprise! It’s Christmas day and the world is a better place! There are still atrocities and evils. There still exist examples of every way in which a human being can … Continue reading

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