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Brief Thoughts on President Obama’s Inaugural Address

Posted on by Paul Roth

I have never stopped being proud of being a US citizen, but that pride is certainly renewed afresh with this auspicious beginning. I admired the President’s address and applauded many of his points. It is not required that I agree with all of my President’s statements as that is one of my treasured freedoms. Yet if I have any qualms, I am far too happy to be a dissenting voice today.

I congratulate and welcome President Barack Obama!

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Using Your Powers for Good, not Taxes

Posted on by Paul Roth

There is a difference between believing in an ideal and forcing others to act as if they do, too. I believe that it would be a good thing if everyone … Continue reading

I did not vote McCain. I did not vote Obama.

Posted on by Paul Roth

I did a quick survey of my facebook friends’ statuses.  I may have miscounted and I expect to see changes through the day, but certainly the gist is this: 193 … Continue reading

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